Essence Lash Princess


I always thought that you got what you paid for when it came to Mascara but boy was I wrong. I want volume and length, I’m a demanding woman!! This stuff gives your cake and guess what, you can eat it too.

The mascara applies so easily without any clumpy mess. My lashes look almost fake, which is the look I hope to achieve with any mascara, because if my lashes don’t look fake then what the heck is the use. When I wear my mascara I want my lashes to touch my glasses and go “oooops.” Weird right?

The only down side to this mascara is the extra lot that comes out with the wand, not a problem though, wipe it against the side of the bottle at the top and back in it goes when you return the wand.

I would only suggest using about 6 to 7 coatings (from one wand straight out the bottle), do not attempt to put the wand back in the bottle and reapply a second coat as this makes it clumpy. Saying this however, the 6 to 7 initial strokes is more than enough to give you that false lash look. If you are going for a more minimal effect, 3 to 4 strokes will do.

I purchased the sculpted volume version of the lash princess range, because, well I love volume and length obviously.

The range also offers a false lash effect and volume variation catering to a variety of desired looks. They are currently available at Clicks for between R65 and R69, what a steal. Did you know that you can shop online at Clicks? Check them out at

My oh no I’ve got no lashes look

My oh my goodness I love essence look

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American Eyedol

Pink is my favourite colour. The American Eyedol eyeshadow range, Available at Dischem SA, has the most amazing range of colours.

I recently purchased cerise and peach eyeshadow from this range. It was the first baked eyeshadow I had tried.

Although difficult to apply without the correct brush, the results are amazing. The colours are bright and make my eyes “pop.”

The nice thing about this eyeshadow is the long lasting quality. I hate having to reapply make up half way through the day. One application lasted all day. It takes some work to take it off which speaks to its long lasting quality.

Over all, a great, value for money product at around R30 each.

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Himalaya Herbals Face Care

There is nothing better than chemical free face care. I recently purchased some Himalaya Herbals Face care products and have been using them for about a month and a half. The results, nothing.but perfection.

I was a bit hesitant to try the range, given that I’ve always been a user of chemical based products. I was however pleasantly surprised.

I started using the Himalaya Herbals Neem face mask. It is a bit scary when you squeeze the bottle and are presented with a dirty green grainy mask, but, roll in the clear, soft skin. I love the feel of the grainy texture against my skin. It provides for a rejuvenating exploitation.

The mask on my face gets rather warm and my face is rather red post mask but then comes the gel face cream. The cream is soothing post scrub and normal wash. It makes your skin feel supple, it’s light and airy and does not leave you feeling oily as most moisturizers do to me.

The night cream, post face wash gives you the right amount of moisture without leaving you feeling sticky and oily. It’s the perfect pyjama feel. You wake up with rejuvenated skin and a happy glow.

All in all I would highly recommend all the products that I used based on the results and given that the products are environmentally friendly.

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Cry, my beloved county

South-African-FlagSouth Africa, a country so rich with culture, diversity, history and so much more. I dream of a day where we no longer are judged on our history, the mistakes of our fore fathers. I dream of the day on which we no longer see the colour of our neighbours skin. I dream of days filled with love for each other. In a country so full of hope we still find room for hate. Morgan Freeman once said that racism will end when we stop talking about it. Lets stop talking and lets start acting. Let us remember the ideals of Nelson Mandela and let us cherish what he and so many others fought for. We all bleed the same blood, we all feel the same pain and we all cry the same tears. Lets start a generation of love.

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