The Best Investment

I am by no means a coffee addict, but, I do love good coffee. When I say I love good coffee, I love having the ability to consume two good cups of coffee a day and be done with it. I enjoy waking up to a good cuppa and going to bed with a better cup. Yes, I sleep very well post a cup of caffeinated goodness. Go figure.

My husband and I have been around the coffee block and back with filter coffee machines, espresso makers and the works. Until now, we have never found anything that really fit. By fit, I mean, something that gives us the goodness of coffee as if we had just bought it from a top notch coffee shop.

The husband has been nagging me to buy a bean to cup coffee maker for as long as I remember.  I’m sure this was probably on his to do list before he met me. I can’t say that I ever saw the value in spending a junk load of money to make me a beverage I’m going to drink twice a day. So for R6000 to R10 000, the answer was always HELL NO!!!!

Fast forward to two weeks ago, standing in Makro, as we usually do out of boredom, hoping to find some coffee promoter promoting some new machine and giving away free coffee. It was a week day, so unfortunately, no free coffee. What we did stumble upon is the Delonghi Prima Donna on special for R9 999. Now my first thoughts as a consumer, that’s R10 000, stop lying to me. My husbands words on the other hand “It’s only R9000 and look, it comes with free mugs.” Really, free mugs. Thanks Makro. Marketing strategy, spot on.

So I decided, not for the love of coffee, but  to save my marriage, that we would take the plunge, the knock, the kick and the bite and buy this coffee machine that I haven’t stopped hearing about for as long as I can remember. As we approached the tills, my heart began to race, my palms began to sweat, I began feeling woozy. My bank balance cried a long, howling cry as my card went swish swish through the speed point. “There’s no turning back now” it said.

The unpacking was blissful for him and so painful for me. Once the box was open, there was no going back. He cleaned it up, switched it on, filled it with milk, water and coffee beans. What came out, absolute heaven. We tried a few combinations before we got it right, but now, I would never look back.

We paired it with the aromatic, full of flavour Woolworths Organic Coffee Beans and the result, is there anything better than heaven? You tell me. All the choices, cappucino, cafe latte, espresso and latte machiato. I cannot wait to try a red cappucino.

This machine is super easy to use, it has an awesome digital display that tells you what to do and when to do it. It tells you the time and even gets ready in the morning for you before you wake up. In addition to all that, my kitchen counter is now down two appliances, it doubles as a kettle, which not many machines do, and with it being bean to cup, you don’t need a bean grinder.

If I knew then what I know now, I would have taken the plunge and made this investment years ago.

To check out this beauty, visit:

They are currently priced at R13 999 with Makro

Or you can wait for the Coffee and Chocolate Expo which always has amazing deals on these products, for more info on the Expo, visit:

And lastly, if you would like to try the amazing coffees Woolworths has to offer, visit:


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