Setsong Tea

I was recently given the opportunity to do some product photography for a local brand and along with this came the opportunity to sample some of their products which was exciting for me as I often see so many in store and online tea options but I am so afraid to try them. I’m a born and raised Rooibos tea kinda girl.

I was sent the following teas that make up the Setsong Teas range:

  • Orange Spiced Fusion
  • Diya Detox Tea
  • Lemon, ginger and cinnamon Fusion
  • Chai Tea Fusion
  • Vanilla Spiced Fusion

My first thought when I saw them, on the heels of my fitness and weight loss journey, was that I had to try the Detox tea. For me, Detoxing is a very important part of my life as I am so often binge eating and drinking things that I shouldn’t be. Doughnuts and milkshakes mostly. So it’s normal for me to do regular detoxes, generally with plain and infused water.

When I opened the detox tea, the first thing I noticed was the amazing aroma. This owing to the fact that berries are one of the main ingredients. If you’re reading this and you know me, you will know that I live for berries. Any kind of berries, aside from the poisonous ones, are good in my books.

I started the detox tea 5 days ago, I’ve had a cup a day since. What I like about this, over other detox and slimming teas that I’ve tried is that it actually has a pleasant taste and does not make you feel like you have soaked cardboard in hot water for 3 days before drinking it. Since starting with the detox tea, my stomach has become more regular and I feel alot less bloted. Especially considering that my Easter bloat was still hanging around as of the beginning of this week.

Out of the range I was sent I also tried the Vanilla Spiced fusion and the chai tea fusion. These also have great tastes and leave you feeling refreshed. The chai tea is by far the best chai I have tasted and just like a great tea should, there is no need for milk, honey or sugar. The teas all have a pleasant aroma and taste and don’t leave you with a bitter after taste.

If you’re interested in trying these products for yourself, head over to

Setsong Tea not only caters to your tea needs but also provides you with all the accessories you need to make the perfect brew. Their products are also penetrating the store front and festival scene and are currently available by visiting the following locations:

  • Farm Table in Linden
  • Leafy Greens in Muldersdrift
  • Selinas Food Store in Parkhurst

Fear not though, because all orders over R400 on their website include free delivery and for the month of May, we are running a joint giveaway to the value of R500. Head over to our Instagram feed to take a look.

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La Rosa Mexican Grille

I am such a lover of Mexican food and always somehow end up eating Mexican food that just happens to be part of the menu at other restuarants. I even have a sambrero that lives in my bedroom that I got from a tequila night that I would much rather forget.

Before going to La Rosa Mexican Grille in Johannesburg, I had never been to a truly Mexican restaurant. There was so much that I was yet to learn about Mexican food, traditions and beliefs. Going to Larosa opened me up to a whole lot of research that I had never in the past bothered to do.

The look of this restuarant is absolutely breathtaking. There is a massive mural of a smiling sun painted on the ceiling of their upstairs lounge area, that given the right amount of tequila, takes you to another world.


The sun for Mexicans and many cultures around the globe represents positive energy and is worshipped and present in many ancient writings for this reason. The beauty of this mural is indescribable and is only justified when seen in person. 

This is not the only amazing decor that can be seen here, the walls are painted with figures of skulls, not the kind that scare little children but ones that are beautiful and intriguing. These skulls can also be seen throughout Mexican culture and represents a tradition called Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos which is an annual celebration of the souls of ancestors and loved ones who have passed on from this mortal life .

Apart from the decor, La Rosa has an amazing variety on their menu to suit a variety of appetites and the drinks menu is one for the books. Never in my many years on this earth have I become intoxicated after one margarita. The frozen margaritas are served in skull glasses that match the decor, they are super tasty and full of tequila. To say they leave your limbs feeling tingly is an understatement.

By the time the food came around, I was ready for bed, but was pleasantly awoken by the flavour and aroma that filled the air. I ordered the Nachos because I am a girl of habit if nothing else. The Nachos were topped with cheese sauce, mozarella, cheddar, jalapenos, salsa and guacamole. Like who puts cheese sauce on their Nachos, but now, who doesn’t?

They tasted so much better than they looked and sounded. My husband ordered the wet Tonys Cali Burrito which I had a taste of (quite a few tastes.) This, like the Nachos was absolutely to die for. There was way too much in both dishes for one person to eat so we were both lucky to have left overs the next day to the envy of our colleagues. The smell filled the office and made everyone ask questions.

Overall, La Rosa provided for a pleasant, entertaining and very well priced dining experience and I will definitely be back for more. After tasting the real deal Mexican cuisine, I don’t believe I will be ordering Mexican food from other menus anytime soon, because really, who doesn’t put cheese sauce on their Nachos???

To check out their menu, where they are and what you’re missing out on, visit

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