My dogs and Eukenuba

A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself. This is true for my 3 fur babies at least. It doesn’t matter how bad the day has been or how miserable I am when I get home, seeing them and their pure and unrestricted happiness when I walk through the gate in the afternoon makes it all better. When I go away for a week at a time, they know that I’ve been gone, they act differently when I return by not wanting to leave my side, more so than usual. So if all this is true, surely I would do everything in my power to keep them healthier, happier and alive for as long as possible.

I used to have my dogs on one of the cheapest pet store brands which was working out great until they started to eat less and less. They eventually got to a point where they would all eat around half of their normal dinner portion which consists of pellets with soft chunks in gravy. They used to love this and finish up their dinner in a heartbeat. It then also got to a point that they would not touch their dry pellets at all during the day.

After a few weeks of them being seemingly dissatisfied with their food, I received a perfectly timed email with some discount vouchers from Eukenuba. I signed my dogs up on their website about two years ago and started receiving these vouchers although never using them because my dogs seemed happy with what they were getting. I informed my husband of the vouchers and brought up the issue of their seeming lack of appetite and he was more than happy to make the switch. It wasn’t a very easy switch to make as Eukenuba is more than triple the cost of the previous brand that we used, but, well worth it in the long run.

When we headed out to our local pet shop, VIP Pets, we were headed there with the intention of buying the Eukenuba breed specific food for Daschunds. Although it may not look that way, all my dogs have some daxie in them. We have a pure bred Daxie, a Labrador Daxie X and a Boerboel Daxie X. So with Daschund being the prominent breed here, that is what we intended to go for. We were a bit disappointed when the sales person indicated that the breed specific variations were soon to be discontinued by Eukenuba. I’m not certain how far this is true, never the less, we went with the Eukenuba Small Adult food. This owing to the fact that all of them are fairly small.

Another factor that went into us choosing Eukenuba was related to the fact that the dogs practically devour the vets hand when they go for their check-ups. She keeps a variation of Eukenuba in her rooms which she offers dogs as a treat before she checks them over. She’s amazing. While trying to select which variation to purchase in store, I felt through the bag for the size of the pellets in an attempt to find something of a similar size to what she gives them. This is also what led to the selection of the small breed variation.

So, we made the purchase, minus R100 thanks to the Eukenuba discount voucher that I had on hand and we made our way home. We arrived home with this new shiny bag of food and our dogs were intrigued. Every time we go shopping, we generally come home with something for them, so they knew that something was happening. They are used to their food arriving in these massive bags, but this one looked a whole lot different, so they were all sniffing and curious.

We have a “bin” that we transfer their dry food into, so we did this as normal and the result was unexpected. They started sniffing the pellets in the “bin” and starting munching as we poured. This did not happen with the previous brand at all. We had to stop them as they were getting over eager and over eating. This was a good first sign. Dinner time came around and we gave them the new Eukenuba pellets with the same chunks in gravy and the food was gone before we filled up their water bowl. My Phoebe chewed her food fast but carefully as if savouring the flavor of each bite, she normally just scoffs everything down. The following morning, we gave them their dry pellets as usual and this was gone in minutes.

Let us just clarify that I can no longer use the term dry pellets as Eukenuba is anything but. The pellets look nutritious, healthy, full of flavour and are seemingly coated in somewhat of a light oil that makes their texture look even more scrumptious. A few weeks later and we have gone through more food than usual, because the dogs are actually eating it. Their coats look shinier and they seem a lot healthier and happier. My daschund is starting to put on a little bit of weight, which is good because he wasn’t a huge eater and his weight was somewhat of a concern for us. Overall, the cost is definitely worth the results. We seem to have found what works.

To go into more detail on their feeding routine, I believe in them having dry pellets available so that they can eat on demand. This has always worked well for me, my dogs are not overweight and never have they overeaten. Whilst doing this, we also monitor the rate at which they consume their food and caution them to slow down when they are gobbling away too fast. Again, this is something that has always worked, as our dogs are fairly well trained and listen quite well.

For dinner, we have not changed the chunks in gravy from Petleys as they seem to still be enjoying this. We also give them Beeno biscuits twice a day as well as a bone once or twice a month which helps with keeping their teeth clean and takes away the urge to chew. There is no better feeling than seeing your dog happy, healthy and eating well. The switch was overdue and has been well worth it.

You too can get your dog happy and healthy with Eukenuba while saving at the same time by visiting According to their website, you get between 5 to 10% off scheduled purchases, telling them you want food delivered once a month or every 6 weeks etc. They also offer free delivery on purchases over R500 and offer the convenience of delivering your dog food straight to your door so that you don’t have to break your back from the pet shop. Give Pet Heaven and Eukenuba a try and let me know what you think.

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