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I suddenly have a new found passion and love for travel. I’m not sure whether that stems from age, a longing for a more fulfilled life or the need to experience new things, nevertheless, this is where I am. I travel a lot for work, which is mostly international throughout Africa, my love for travel has most likely also rooted from my job enabling me to see the world and when the travel bug hits, it hits you hard.

I have one holiday planned for the last week in June to celebrate a special birthday and I am already onto planning the next few holidays. I was once fortunate enough to see Cape Town but only spent 28 hours in the beautiful City. So my first stop and next planned trip has to be Cape Town. August is my anniversary month and I would love to explore all the things I didn’t get to see in my short time in Cape Town. So nothing sounds better than a five year anniversary celebration in the Mother City.

Flights from Johannesburg to Cape Town

We somehow chose the best month to get married, it must have been written in the stars because it so happens that August is one of the cheapest months to fly domestically within South Africa. With this in mind, the anniversary saving is about to start and being the penny wise woman that I am, always looking for the best deal, I will be ensuring that I book our flights early to avoid higher prices and less choice.

Once we have seen the Mother City, next up on our bucket list is an International trip which will most likely land us in Thailand. I have heard that October is the best time to visit Thailand  with it being the cooler period in the year. I am planning our international getaway for next year in October, for my 29th birthday. I need a reasonable amount of time to save as I want to make the most out of this once in a lifetime trip. Island hopping, hiking, street food and sun downer cruises sound like a good way to start saying goodbye to my twenties. So stick with me as I take you along this journey to seeing the world on a budget.

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Namibia -The Soul of Africa

I love the fact that my job allows me to travel Africa and see the amazing places that we have on our door step. Although travelling for work doesn’t always allow for site seing, I always try to make the best of every trip. 

I was a bit disappointed with the amount of time that I lost coming through passport control. We are one of the luckiest countries in Africa in terms of how efficient and effective our passport control and customs departments are at OR Tambo International Airport.

On most work trips, I get to stay in some of the best hotels. Hotel Thule in the heart of Windhoek tops the charts for me. This based on the impeccable service and the outstanding views that allow you to set your eyes upon almost the entire city of Windhoek.

The hotel rooms were super spacious, comfortable, clean and well stocked with a complimentary bottle of wine and lots of chocolates. The bedside chocolates were restocked daily, isn’t this the best hotel in the world..

While at the office, I got to see the weirdest looking, most colourful lizzards I have ever seen. Unlike anything I have seen in South  Africa. There were orange, yellow, blue and green ones. They were the nicest from far, but if you got too close, they jumped up the trees like their lives depended on that jump.

While touring the small yet beautiful city of Windhoek, I stumbled across the most majestic church I have ever laid my eyes on. If this structure does not instill the fear of God in you, I have no idea what will.

Right accross the street from this magnificent structure you will find the Independence Memorial Museum of Namibia which focuses on the anti-colonial and independence movement of Namibia.

Namibia is an upcoming country with tons of development in the works. If I had to pick one thing that I love about this country it would be the amazing views and the way the clouds hug the beautiful buildings they surround.

As much as I loved my time in Namibia, there is nothing quite like the South African sky.



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Umngazi River Bungalows

What a treat. The husband and I were treated to a weekend away at this spectacular resort, located along the Umngazi river mouth in the Eastern Cape. From spectacular views to out of this world food. This place has it all. We were treated like royalty during the entire stay. Never in our lives have we experienced such great hospitality and friendliness. We are already planning our next trip. From sun downer cruises to Horse riding and fishing, this place definitely has it all.. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!
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